One thing is for sure; these are changing times, and it can be hard to make sense of it all.  However, some things are certain. The direction you turn, the advice you receive and the financial decisions you make today will have a dramatic impact on the rest of your life.  These are significant decisions worthy of a second opinion.

Russ and Andy’s proven and successful strategies, coupled with their common values and distinct perspective produced by their breadth of experience, awards you a distinct advantage in these turbulent times.  With the advantage of two sets of eyes on your accounts and a combined experience of over 48 years in the financial services industry, Andrew Beshuk and Russell Daniel and the rest of the Providence team are here to serve you.

Join us.  Together we can find direction for you… the right direction.

R. Russell Daniel is a Financial Advisor with 29 years of experience in the financial services industry and enjoys reading about economics, politics and behavioral finance.  He is honored to be Jade and Dakota’s dad and likes singing in the church choir. He dabbles in photography, and loves to hunt, fish, canoe, or do anything outdoors. He is blessed to be married to his wife, best friend and health coach, Rachael with whom he shares a passion for health and nutrition.  They all live on a farm outside of Jefferson City, Missouri that they share with 5 dogs, a cat, and their heritage breed collection of cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, geese, and guineas.


  • Russ went independent as a financial advisor doing business as Sage Capital Financial Advisors in 2004.  With that freedom, Russ had the privilege of guiding a select group of clients through the most recent downturn by reposting assets to reduce market risk. He is currently the co-owner of Providence Financial, LLC, along with his good friend and business partner, Andrew Beshuk.
  • Prior to going independent in 2004, Russ was a broker and financial consultant with two major Midwestern regional stock brokerage firms, responsible for the management and oversight of hundreds of accounts.
  • Through the mid 80s and into the mid 90s, the breadth of Russ’s business experience included owning an insurance agency specializing in employee benefits and estate planning, work as a risk management consultant, assisting a Colorado firm in going public and protecting hundreds of Colorado ranchers and farmers as an agent and estate planner with the Colorado Farm Bureau.


Andrew J Beshuk is a Financial Advisor with over 19 years experience.  An avid reader of anything from classic literature to finance, Andy practices and enjoys process analysis, self improvement, cooking and public speaking.  He loves being a father, and when he’s not building a tree fort with his children, you may find him on a mission trip in some foreign land, bicycling or teaching a class at his kids school.  Typical of his sense of humor, he describes his wife Andrea as talented, creative, fun loving, energetic and the opposite of me.  They share a home with their four children:  Austin, Abby, Katie, and Ellen.


  • Andy works as a Retirement Plan Consultant for many Mid-Missouri companies.  He has extensive expertise in managing retirement plans such as 401(k)’s for small to mid-sized businesses.  He is currently the co-owner of Providence Financial, LLC, along with his good friend and business partner, R. Russell Daniel.
  • Director of the State of Missouri’s Deferred Compensation Plan.  As Director, Andy oversaw the retirement plan with over $1 billion in assets representing 40,000 state employees and retirees.
  • Compliance Supervisor.  Andy supervised the proper sales, ethics, and business practices of 90 Financial Advisors for a Fortune 100 firm.   In this role Andrew was responsible for the training and development of all advisors as well as ensuring investments were selected in the clients’ best interest.
  • Investment Research Analyst.  Andy worked in a private brokerage firm in Cleveland, Ohio conducting investment research for the publication of investment reports.


MaryAnn Semkin is Providence Financials Customer Satisfaction Specialist. Whether in her personal or professional life, MaryAnn’s passion is meeting the needs of others. If something needs fixed.  Mary Ann will fix it.  When your paperwork process as a new client seems easy, it is because of Mary Ann. If you need a check, an encouraging word, or a smile.  Mary Ann is there.  Active in her church, mother to a very active son Jackson, and happily married to her husband Todd, MaryAnn lives and thrives in Jefferson City, Missouri.  MaryAnn previously served as the Center Manager of the Clinton Senior Center in Clinton, Missouri. She was for nearly 10 years, a Customer Service Representative for the State of Missouri‚s Deferred Compensation plan (PEBSCO.)  A valued member of the Providence team, Mary Ann has been with Andy and Russ from the beginning.